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Automobile Vision: LIDAR

Luminar Technologies

If there's one company that could be described as exploding onto the LIDAR scene, it's Luminar. Luminar Technologies operated in stealth mode for over two years until 2017, though Luminar's CEO said the startup was "easily the worst-kept secret within the industry" as it met with about 80 percent of the autonomous vehicle industry about implementing its technology. Luminar has raised more than $250M from prominent venture funds.  

The company emerged from stealth mode just two months before its first patent application published in June 2017, and since then the company has been strategic in creating a strong patent portfolio that includes a multitude of continuation families. Luminar's filings indicate protection for a wide range of technologies, which is highlighted in part by the long length of the applications filed. 

The company has been outpacing General Motors in patent activity over the past few years, who has been an IP giant within the LIDAR sector. Luminar has announced partnerships with Toyota, Volvo, and Audi, and more are currently under wraps.

Patent Document: 9,812,838 | Article Source: TechCrunch, Forbes

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