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AI Biotech / Diagnostics

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AI and Covid-19

AI Biotech / Diagnostics Patent Forecast®

April 2, 2020

Coronavirus, officially named Covid-19, is causing substantial changes to the daily lives of people around the world, dramatic damage to financial markets, and unfortunately, thousands of deaths. The disease is, however, causing previously unseen levels of collaboration between firms of many industries, and leading many others to release open source models for tools to help health care workers and everyday citizens alike. One industry seeing lots of collaboration is AI Biotech, as firms look for both vaccines, treatments, and diagnostic tools. Here are just a few firms doing high impact work using AI:

  • Exscientia is screening over 15,000 drugs from a Scripps Research Institute collection for effectiveness against Sars-CoV-2, the virus responsible for Covid-19
  • Moderna is running a clinical trial with 45 participants for a vaccine
  • Microsoft and Adaptive Biotechnologies extended a partnership to aid public health officials and researchers to access and track data regarding Covid-19 patient immune responses, aimed at helping the development of a diagnostic blood test. The dataset will be deployed on Microsoft's Azure with its AI and machine learning capabilities
  • AbCellera and Eli Lilly are jointly developing antibody therapies based on over 500 unique antibodies isolated from one of the first U.S. Covid-19 patients

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