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AI Biotech / Diagnostics

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Tempus Loves Funding Rounds

AI Biotech / Diagnostics Patent Forecast®

March 19, 2020

Healthcare technology company Tempus recently raised a $100 million Series G round, valuing the company at $5 Billion. Just last May, Tempus raised $200 Million on a Series F round with a $2.9 Billion valuation.

The Chicago based company, started by Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky, is focused on personalized care. While they have historically been focused on cancer, the company will use this new capital to expand into other areas such as diabetes and cardiology. Tempus analyzes DNA, RNA and proteomic data to identify customized treatment options. 

As the company grows, so do their clinical partnerships. The company says they are working with about 80% of academic cancer research facilities, and that they will sequence about 160,000 samples in 2020. Supporting this is not a large IP portfolio, but given that the company is only five years old, growth is expected. Tempus currently has one published patent application in the AI Biotech sector, which teaches a multi-modal approach to predicting tumor immune infiltration with a neural network framework.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20200075169  

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Crain's Chicago Business

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