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AI Biotech / Diagnostics

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Diabetes, Say Hello to My Little Friend AI

AI Biotech / Diagnostics Patent Forecast®

March 19, 2020

Daily diabetes management is a part of daily life for many people around the world, so improving the hardware and technology around it to be as easy to use and as accurate as possible is a goal for many companies. One of those companies is New York-based One Drop, who provides hardware and software for diabetes management. They offer a sleek Bluetooth-enabled blood glucose meter, test strips, lancets, a mobile app, and various coaching programs. One Drop was also an early proponent of the subscription service model, providing test strips and lancets in this manner.

Although One Drop received FDA clearance and a CE mark for their monitoring system in 2016, the company just recently had their first patent application published. The application teaches a means for forecasting blood glucose concentration for individual users. For example, the model could predict that a user's glucose will rise above 180 mg/dL or fall below 70 mg/dL within a certain time period.

Since receiving FDA clearance and a CE mark, One Drop's reach has grown rapidly. Besides being available on many smart watches, Apple sells the glucose meter in some U.S. retail stores. In September, One Drop announced a $40 Million series B round led by German pharma company Bayer. Last October, One Drop announced that its wireless glucose meter kit and supplies would be available at hundreds of Walmart stores in the U.S. Last month, One Drop presented research indicating they had achieved even higher accuracy for predictions in changes in blood glucose levels.

Relevant Patent Documents

Application 20200077931  

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One Drop

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