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AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio

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Neurology Companies Take Note: A New Data Management Player has Entered the Field

AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio Patent Forecast®

March 4, 2021

On February 25th, a new competitor joined the increasingly crowded space in the Neurology Sector. Rune Labs, a San Francisco-based biotech startup had 4 applications published. Each of these documents teach a system or method related to Rune Lab’s platform for analyzing Brain Data.  

Unlike many of the competitors in the Neurology Patent Forecast®, Rune Labs has not patented physical devices for use in Neuromodulation. Instead, the startup realized that it is equally important to analyze the vast quantity of data collected from brain analyses and existing Neuromodulation techniques. The Rune Labs applications teach a method of filtering and organizing thousands of patients' brain activity data using AI, while ensuring complete HIPAA compliance. Additionally, Rune Labs has created the platform with the ability to share data easily being a top priority. This means that the platform Rune Labs uses can analyze brain activity data from a variety of sources, and compile it into a single medium capable of pattern recognition and organized in a way that makes it easily searchable.

With neuromodulation being a hot topic in the Biotech world, competitors should definitely keep an eye on Rune Labs. Should the startup continue to expand, other neuromodulation companies may want to get ahead of the curve and attempt to negotiate exclusive license agreements, or even discuss acquiring Rune Labs so that they may integrate the analysis platform into their existing hardware. As neuromodulation becomes increasingly popular, AI Biotech Neurology sector leaders such as Neurostim LLC, Boston Scientific, Philips, Neurophet, and Elwha LLC will all be looking for the next advantage over their competitors, and Rune Labs’ data analysis platform may fit the bill. Make sure to check back to the AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Neurology Patent Forecast® to watch the development of Rune Labs’ IP portfolio, and find out who will be the first to realize its potential. 

Relevant Patent Documents

Application US20210058257  

Application US20210057089  

Application US20210052900  

Application US20210052901  

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