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AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio

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Movano holds the missing key for….Apple?….Samsung?

AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio Patent Forecast®

February 8, 2021

This past week, Movano Inc. had its 3rd patent issued. The patent, U.S. Pat. No. 10,888,242, teaches a method and system of monitoring various health parameters from a small sensor embedded into a smartphone case. Notably, the sensor measures blood pressure, heart rate, and glucose levels for the user. Besides the simplicity of an all-in-one system, the primary benefit is the capability of measuring glucose levels non-invasively via a radio-wave sensor. 

It is no secret that both Apple and Samsung have made tremendous strides in recent years to introduce medical monitoring devices into our everyday lives. Both companies currently produce smartwatches capable of measuring various health parameters, however at this time neither can measure blood glucose levels. Now that Movano has patented a non-invasive method, it may make sense for either Apple or Samsung to make an attempt to acquire Movano, rather than develop the technology themselves. Being the first in the field with a new technology is always one of Apple and Samsung's goals.

Another potential reason Apple specifically should be considering an acquisition of Movano is that it might allow them to sell a health monitoring system at a comparable price point to Samsung. Currently, Apple’s least expensive smartwatch retails for $199, while Samsung sells some models with similar health monitoring systems for as little at $49. If Apple was able to acquire Movano, they may be able to produce phone cases with health monitoring for less than the cost of a new Apple Watch® , allowing them to appeal to a wider crowd of potential users at a lower price point.

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Patent US10888242  

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