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AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio

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Heart mapping with AI

AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio Patent Forecast®

May 30, 2019

Ablacon was recently awarded two patents in the use of artificial intelligence to detect and locate cardiac rhythm disorders in a patients’ heart, as well as submitting applications for four others. The Ablacon system visualizes electrographic flow in the heart to determine causes of atrial fibrillation, and creates a map that physicians can use during targeted catheter ablation therapy. At least 2.7 million Americans are living with atrial fibrillation, an irregular heart rate caused by disorganized electrical signals. On April 30, the company also announced a successful Series A round of funding, raising $21.5 million. This funding was led by Ajax Health, a medical investment firm that has previously supported EPIX Therapeutics (acquired by Medtronic, as announced in January). Funds will support clinical trials and extensive product testing.

Relevant Patent Documents

Patent US10201277  

Application US20190142271  

Patent US10143374  

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