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AI Biotech/Diagnostics: Cardio

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Application US20190209022

Published 2019-07-11

Wearable Electronic Device And System For Tracking Location And Identifying Changes In Salient Indicators Of Patient Health

A wearable electronic device, a system and methods of monitoring with a wearable electronic device. The device includes a hybrid wireless communication module with wireless communication sub-modules to selectively acquire location data from both indoor and outdoor sources, as well as a wireless communication sub-module to selectively transmit an LPWAN signal to provide location information based on the acquired data. The device may also include one or more sensors to collect one or more of environmental data, activity data and physiological data. The device may transmit some or all of its acquired data to a larger system, including a cloud-based server to, in addition to providing location-based data, be used as a part of a predictive health care protocol to correlate changes in acquired data to salient indicators of the health of a wearer of the device. In one form, the predictive health care protocol uses a machine learning model.

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