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Kraft Heinz Playing Catch-Up Invests in Cannabis Startup Flowhub

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October 24, 2019

“I’ll have mine with ketchup and tomato, Heinz 420” ...wait what?

Now that jokes are out of the way, Kraft Heinz has invested $23 million in cannabis startup Flowhub based in Denver, Co. This is Kraft Heinz’s first investment in cannabis, and sorry, it isn’t for infusing their sauces with cannabis, at least not for now.

Flowhub offers compliance software for retail cannabis stores that will track point of sales, inventory, and provide business intelligence data, which is crucial for the cannabis industry.  

Kraft Heinz intends to capitalize on emerging trends in the food and beverage industry, and CBD-infused products is certainly on their radar as consumer interests increase. This investment positions Kraft Heinz well for entering into the cannabis market in a more protected manner. 

Neither company appears to hold patents in the cannabis sector just yet. Visit our Magic Number IP web-page to see how our proprietary Patent Forecasting technology can help you find the crucial details you need for well-informed investing. 

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